UAV Wildfire Drones

Wildfire information systems are critical and effective tool for fire management and suppression. Aretas Aerial's multirotor UAV platforms are capable of live HD video, thermal imaging and highly accurate GPS to help provide valuable decision making data during wildfire events.

On established fires, Aretas Aerial UAVs can be launched from an on scene mobile command center. Live images and data can be reviewed on large screens, recorded and saved or printed for immediate integration and implementation of the Planning and Incident Management team

UAVs can provide information on the location of the fire edge, the intensity and location of hotspots, as well as identify people and assets at risk through the smoke. The UAV can also assess damage and transmit real-time images of activities occurring on the ground.  Quality imagery makes is capable of providing tactical situational awareness and geo-location, increasing its value in firefighting missions.

Utilizing UAV platforms for wildfire information gathering is changing the way wildfires are fought. Traditionally, helicopters are deployed during these major events to get a general overview of fire size, direction and if equipped, any other specialized data they can. This method is labor intensive and costly. Helicopters are expensive at $1500+ per hour. They are limited to stringent flight times and have costly and time consuming maintenance requirements. Helicopters also have many critical roles on the fire scene including moving water, equipment and personnel. Having UAVs take on the role of data and intelligence gathering is more cost effective while leaving critical manpower available for use where it is needed most.

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