UAV Oil and Gas Uses

Drones in the oil and gas industry are proving to be highly effective in meeting a wide variety of needs. BP as an example can use UAV’s to survey pipeline networks and other infrastructure, thus helping in the timely detection of pipeline faults. The cost savings compared to conventional manned helicopter flights are quite significant.

Using UAV in the oil and gas industry is still in the early stages with some concerns as to range and flight-times afforded by drones. Though it has been shown that the significant savings and flexibility when compared with airplane and helicopter make oilfield drones appealing. From an Associated Press article about drones used in oil fields Zach Lamppa, president of Energy Intelligence and a man with experience in pipeline construction, hopes to utilize drone technology for pipeline monitoring…” he goes on to state “...the primary methods for identifying problems are "pretty archaic," and often leave the subterranean spills undiscovered for days.

It is clear that uav oil and gas applications will be a critical tool for industry professionals. Contact Aretas today to discuss how we can help meet your unique needs.

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Another expert William Semke, director of the University of North Dakota's Unmanned Aircraft Systems Engineering program states that “Using technology like thermal infrared imagery and multi-spectral imagery, sensors attached to drones can see things the eye can't. Sensors could even be able to detect particles in the air indicating a problem at a pipeline”.

Additional uav usage for the oil and gas industry include:

  • UAV offshore oil platform inspections including hovering abilities for much closer inspections.
  • Track movement of marine mammals to assess the impact of a company's operations (as used by Royal Dutch Shell)
  • Inspect live flare emissions.
  • Decrease HSE exposures.
  • Protect installations with additional patrolling.
  • Unmanned inspections and explorations of hazardous locations.
  • UAV oil and gas exploration.

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