UAV Hexcopter V680 Drone

The V680 is an industrial quality, stable, mid size hex features 13" carbon fiber props, carbon fiber chassis, and powerful brushless motors. Specialized mounts allow for effective placement for gimbalized HD Cameras and a wealth of on-board sensors. Utilizing high performance flight control technology, Aretas’ V680 UAV allows users to go beyond flight by pre-planning, automating, and designing missions. Fully integrate a variety of sensors to complete complex sensing tasks with live feed data.
Each product undergoes rigorous testing and real world flights to ensure that it is perfect for your needs on your work site. Packaged in a high quality, hard shell lockable case allows for peace of mind during transport and in the field work. The V680 is shipped ready for use, Li-Po batteries, charging docks, monitors and transmitter are all stowed neatly and ready to go.
Customize your V680 with additional sensor packages which can include air quality sensors, radiation and more. Connect via live satellite link and gather sensor data from anywhere in the world.

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Looking to do something different with UAVs? Can’t find a current solution that works for your needs? Aretas Aerial can custom design or equip any drone size, configuration or combination of sensors. Choose from our ‘V’ series quad, Hex or Octo rotor drones. We will work with you to ensure that your needs are met.

Product Features

Hexcopter Specs

  • Frame: 680 Hex airframe
  • Motors: 4016-380kv
  • Props: 13" carbon fiber
  • ESCs: 40A ESC
  • Flight Controller: APM based controller
  • GPS: uBlox Neo-M8N
  • Transmitter: FrSky Transis with X8R (8/16 ch) receiver
  • Batteries: 6s LiPo (options available and chosen to suit your needs)

Video Components

HD Video Camera
The V680 UAV platform can be customized to carry just about any DSLR or small body cinema grade camera such as the Blackmagic. With such a wide variety of camera solutions on the market, we can suggest some for your needs, or integrate your ideal solution right onto this hexacopter platform. 

Thermal Camera
The Thermal camera is an LWIR camera solution that is smaller than a dime, keeping weight on our UAVs to a minimum, and is ten times less expensive than a traditional IR camera. Using a focal plane array (FPA) of 80 × 60 active pixel the video resolution from this small package is impressive. Other FLIR cameras are available to meet your specific project requirements.

  • Thermal sensitivity <50 mK
  • Multiple lens options: 50° / 25° FOV
  • Spectral range Longwave infrared, 8 μm to 14 μm

If Your looking for different specs for your thermal imaging needs, just ask. Customizing payloads is our specialty.