UAV Conservation Officer Drone

Conservation Officers at times also referred to as Wildlife Officers or Game Wardens is a diverse and demanding field that experiences a wide-variety of challenges each requiring different skills and tools to address. Often responsible for enforcing state, provincial and federal environmental regulations governing the protection of wildlife, fisheries, and natural resources. They are on call to respond to public complaints and protect our natural resources.

Aretas Aerial works directly with conservation and environmental officers to provide solutions for specific needs. Though a generalization, conservation officers may require different UAV components and data reporting than those needed for environmental protection. It is worth noting that a UAV can be outfitted with any component payload required to meet the specific job. With safety as one of the primary concerns unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) allow your officers to conduct surveillance and gather data from a safe distance while remaining concealed as needed.

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Conservation Officer Solutions
As conservation officers are tasked with patrolling natural areas to enforce rules & regulations UAV’s can provide the access and data that greatly enhance the ability to perform duties more effectively. With advanced HD and thermal imaging cameras  officers can do the following and more with UAVs:

Product Features

Conservation Office Quad Copter Key Specifications

  • Distance: Line-of-sight
  • Flight time: +/- 20 - 25 mins
  • Custom 2-Axis Gimbal

Conservation Office Quad package V650


HD Video

  • Several camera options are available with live video.

Thermal Imaging

  • FPA 80 (h) x 60 (v) active pixels
  • Thermal sensitivity <50 mK
  • Lens option 50° / 25° FOV
  • Spectral range: LWV 8 μm - 14 μm

UAV Vehicle Specifications

  • Motors - Foxtech 3508 kv380
          - Working Current: 20A
          - Signal Frequency: Up to 621Hz
          - Weight: 14g
  • 15” CF lite props
          - Material: Carbon Fibre
          - Pitch: 5.5
          - Weight: 20g
  • Ironman 650 quad airframe
  • Pix Falcon Micro PX4 Autopilot
  • Ublox Neo-M8N GPS w/ Compass
  • Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/ Module & 8ch Receiver


  • 2x 6s 6000mAH batteries LIPO Batteries
  • 1x Lipo Charger
  • Custom hard shell case hold all parts and accessories


  • Weight: 2.9kg - 3.4kg (approx.)
  • Battery: 6S 6000MaH 25-50C LIPO
  • Diagonal Landing Gear Base: 15in / 381mm
  • Arm Width: 33in / 838.2mm
  • Frame Weight: 476g

Flight Parameters

  • Tested stable wind speeds: 8m/s
  • Lift capacity: +/- 2lbs

Base Station

  • 7in HD Monitor
    Depending on mission types other components such as laptops for sensor data collection and analytics are also offered.