Northern Canada Fire Department Uses UAV’s To Better Serve The Community

Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada - 29-October-2015 - Aretas Aerial, a Canadian manufacturing company and  provider of UAV driven solutions and custom data gathering, announces its latest UAV tool for the Fire Service industry. The Canadian built Fire Rescue UAV is a highly capable mid-sized quad-rotor design including  HD video, Thermal camera, GPS and mission planning software. The technology provides Incident Commanders quicker assessments of a wider area helping to improve their on-site assessment. 
The community of Mackenzie, BC is situated 200 km north of Prince George. Its remote location provides unique challenges to the local Volunteer Fire Department which has a rescue response area of 10,000 sq. km. and potential response times of over an hour on remote logging roads. Aretas Aerial, together with input from the Fire Department, has developed this UAV system to meet their unique challenges. 
Mackenzie's main industries are logging, lumber, market pulp and tourism. Wood processing facilities create a large amount of hog-fuel. With their main industries in full swing, there is a growing concern over the size and safe storage of hog-fuel piles in their industrial area. Being able to safely and accurately survey these piles and use real time thermal imaging to check for hot spots is a critical requirement when it comes to being proactive. 
This industry specific UAV is designed to be ready for immediate use and quickly deployed anytime. The UAV, receiver and base station are Integrated into a rugged hard shell case for secure storage and transportation. Flight times are approximately 25 mins with quick battery changes allowing emergency personnel to get the information they need throughout long incident deployments. All live data and imagery is transmitted wirelessly back to the base station with excellent line-of-sight video quality.
During its first flight in Mackenzie on Wednesday October 28th, the Fire Rescue UAV flew over a hog-fuel pile of concern in the industrial area. The UAV sent live HD video and thermal imagery to the base station where representatives from the Mackenzie Fire Department and BC Wildfire Service were able to immediately identify stress cracks, vents and hot spots in the pile that they were previously unable to detect. Deputy Chief, Keinan Carty said “Already in its first flight, the UAV has proven to be an invaluable piece of equipment.”  
Jamie Guise, Fire Chief of the Mackenzie Fire Department welcomes the use of technology within the fire service saying “We embrace the use of UAV’s as a tool in our Fire Rescue service”. “We have hand-held FLIR cameras, dash cams and automated pumping systems in our Engines. UAV’s equipped with HD and FLIR cameras allow us to perform our duties safely and efficiently”.
Aretas Aerial (or the parent company Aretas Sensor Networks) prides itself on being an agile technology company that has built its foundation on customizable solutions. We offer a wide-variety of sensing technology to meet many needs. Aretas Aerial, with help from Fire Rescue service agencies, has developed purpose built UAV hardware that can be quickly deployed to gather critical information both in hard-to-reach or remote locations. Additionally, to locate individuals involved at incident scenes or assess potentially dangerous situations like hog fuel piles, Hazmat events or even during interface fires.
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