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The Aretas Aerial team knew they were involved in a dynamic and exciting industry by helping fire departments get the latest UAV technologies they need. Recently a story in the Parksville Qualicum Beach News helps illustrate just how useful our remotely piloted aircrafts are for emergency service agencies. Here is the article posted with permission from

Drones from Dashwood helping fight fires.

Mackenzie, British Columbia, Canada - 29-October-2015 - Aretas Aerial, a Canadian manufacturing company and  provider of UAV driven solutions and custom data gathering, announces its latest UAV tool for the Fire Service industry. The Canadian built Fire Rescue UAV is a highly capable mid-sized quad-rotor design including  HD video, Thermal camera, GPS and mission planning software. The technology provides Incident Commanders quicker assessments of a wider area helping to improve their on-site assessment. 

August 21-23, 2015 brings the Canadian Drone Nationals races to Collingwood, Ontario. The exciting new sport of drone or UAV racing is growing by leaps and bounds as it expands to many countries and new race series are organized throughout North America and abroad.

To test our latest radiation detector we have been performing rad detection and measurement in both indoor and outdoor environments. Both ambient levels and spot tests throughout the area give us a wide range of data to analize. The radiation sensor primarily detects beta, gamma and x-rays (some sensitivity to alpha sources has also been tested, but is not offered at this time). The general detector sensitivity is 5.9 cpm/μSv/h and features internal temperature compensation and linear response over a wide temperature range (-30C to +50C).