About Us

Aretas (ehr' eh tass) is a greek word that can mean moral excellence, power.

Aretas Aerial, is a Canadian company with offices across the country and south of the border in the United States as well. Aretas Aerial strives to be an industry leader in the design, manufacture, and sensor integration onboard unmanned aerial vehicles.

Building from the success of Aretas Sensor Networks and utilizing its highly customizable suite of sensors, Aretas Aerial is forging new ground in UAV sensing platforms. Data and live HD video is stored and made available from Aretas’ massively scalable  data warehousing and analytics system. It’s continuous monitoring application provides access to complex environmental metrics, statistics, alerts, strategies and trending.

Custom solutions and complete UAV services are at the heart of our business. Fluid research and development, adaptability to current market conditions and mobility allow Aretas Aerial to stay ahead of the technology curve. 

Aretas Aerial is an agile, continuous improvement company.

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